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Howdy! Thank you for checking out my art classes.


My hope with Camp Red is to teach kids my love for Research, Exploring & Design (RED) in a way that elevates their art and separates itself from traditional kids art classes.


When I was studying fashion at Parsons School of Design in NYC, I was frustrated with how little time we were given when learning a new medium. I often felt mournful when leaving my charcoal drawings for pastels, or moving on from draping skirts to pants when I had just started to get the hang of things.


Camp Red's focus is to take things slow so your child can soak in as much information as possible. We will spend 3-4 classes learning about a famous architect, illustrator, or design movement for example. While discussing what makes these creatives stand out, we'll gather inspiration and test different mediums to create beautiful works of art. 

Class size: 2-4 kids *exceptions can be made for a sibling group

Age: 6-12 years *exceptions can be made

Time: Each class is 1 hour long

Cost: $30 per class / payment needs to be received before every class 

Materials: $15 per child for each batch of classes

Location: In my home or if it's a friend group, at your house for convenience

Start date is flexible. More information / materials list for the classes when payment has been received.

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