For the person who appreciates custom, handmade items with a cozy modern touch, you've come to the right place.


Each stocking takes a bit of time to create, so it is important that I create exactly what you envisioned. Please select from the illustrations provided in the photos what you would like painted, please tell me what border you would like, or none at all, and please tell me how you want the name to look on the stocking. Also, COLORS CAN BE CHANGED! :-[) If you prefer pink over red, no problem. Just let me know. I will email you a digital mockup of what your stocking will look like before I go into final paint. :)


9" opening - 20" in length, however if you have a specific size to match your other stockings I'm happy to accomodate. :)


off white organic cotton, batting

machine washable



Item ships 3 weeks after purchase was made. I am not able to do returns/exchanges for custom items - so please order carefully! *Internatnational orders - I cannot be responsible for lost or stolen mail, VAT/Customs charges etc. I will send a tracking number after item has been shipped. Please order at your discrepency.


Semi-Custom Hand Painted Stocking