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I intentionally wrote "Thank you, for leaving me nicer than you found me" on the poster because when we assume the best in others (easier said than done, right?) we all rise to the occasion and don't want to the let that person down. I like to think of Mother Earth assuming the best in us which in turn will hopefully encourage us to be better in how we treat our planet. 


Lastly, I hope I can discourage people from virtue signaling how they have "helped the planet" I feel like this behavior is off-putting to most people which in turn results in the opposite effect...not caring. Let's be good examples of how we treat our planet without having to put ourselves on a pedestal. Be confident in your efforts without having to let everyone know and when you see someone doing something to help our planet, show appreciation... vs. looking for people who aren't doing anything and making them feel bad or dumb. 



For large scale printing print as an engineering print. They are inexpensive and come on a better paper for crayons and colored pencils








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