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Last weekend I read Maye Musk's autobiography "A Woman Makes A Plan" and I couldn't put it down.

I recommend watching an interview or two of her first if you decide to read it. It made the read more enjoyable hearing her accent and her bubbly infectious personality more believable!

What impresses me the most about Maye Musk was her ability to get through an abusive marriage, while still being kind, loving and supportive of her children's needs and desires. This book could have easily left you feeling depressed, but instead I finished it inspired and wanting to be more gracious and grateful for what I have.... and a little more adventurous! ;)

Well this just made my heart burst wide open.

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." - Lao Tzu

I saw that quote last month while drinking a cup of tea. It was printed on the tea tag and I almost missed it.

Isn't it interesting how quotes like the one above can unexpectedly come into your life right when you need it most? I've since written the quote on a piece of card stock and have it on my desk for me to see every morning.

My thoughts on speed vs. slowing down are often. I wish I could say I was a turtle in everything I do. I admire those who aren't in a hurry. They are chill and exude a quiet confidence about them that I would love to master in myself. Self mastery doesn't happen overnight though.

For example, sometimes I'll avoid doing a craft because I know it will take more than a few hours to create. What is the point of putting a time constraint on a craft? It's not solving world one is in dyer need of this craft to be completed asap in order for their bills to get paid or a heart surgery to be performed! It's so crazy how the head is constantly trying to get out of ANY kind of work while the heart is constantly trying to convince the head (brain) "It's worth it, I promise. You'll feel so much better afterwards!" and more often than I would like to admit... my brain is like "nahhh".

This past weekend the below zero temps here in Colorado thankfully forced this paper mache craft. I had been wanting to make a fun little bear family for awhile now but kept putting it off because, well I knew it was going to take a long time to complete. I'm already 30+ hours into this craft and my take away is this: When I serve my heart my length of happiness can be measured in yards, miles even... but when I serve my head my length of happiness comes in with measurements of 1-5"... it's not long, yes there's a moment of happiness...but it's fleeting. Time equals length and the more time I invest in things I love the longer my happiness will be.

I love the Nature doesn't hurry quote... and I want to add this, it also doesn't require human approval or acknowledgment either. It shows up and creates whether we notice or not.... I also want to be like that.

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